Top Reasons Why Double Glazing Is Essential

  • The term “glazing” is derived from the Middle English word for “glass” and refers to the process or action of installing windows.  The two most important types of glazing are single glazing and double glazing. Double glazing has been proven effective as compared to regular glazing. Three aspects of this are highlighted below. Double glazing is the solution to this, providing noise proof windows for minimum noise pollution. This makes it possible to have office buildings in areas producing a great volume of noise, like a busy street, a train station or airport. (Information Credit –


    1. Reducing Noise Pollution: Exposure to high levels of noise over a prolonged period of time can cause significant health risks. In the past, noise pollution has been directly linked to stress and heart-related disorders. Hence, it stands to reason that noise pollution should be avoided or at least minimised as much as possible.  Regular single glazed glass windows are weak barriers whereby they are not efficient enough to lend protection against loud noises. Secure your building against loud noises with expert glazing services to promote peace and harmony. 


    2. Security: All office premises should be well-secured for safety reasons.  Most offices contain critical information or machinery which could prove disastrous if stolen.  Single glazed glass windows offer minimum protection and have no resistance against any severe blow. This can pose a serious security threat. Double glazing can add a strong layer of protection to the windows, offering explosion bulletproof glazing solutions in some cases. 


    3. Energy Saving: Saving or conserving energy is seen as a priority in many industrial and office sectors. Normal glazed windows have only a thin layer of glass, offering very weak resistance to heat flow.  Such single glazed windows can prove to be the weakest element in an otherwise energy efficient office.  Double glazing can offer that protection, allowing less heat to seep in while offering the same level of transparency as normal windows do. This can prove cost-effective in warmer climates since only a little cooling is required to bring the temperature down.


    Similarly, in very cold climates where heat conservation is the priority, double glazing can be an effective solution.  It prevents the heat from escaping into the atmosphere, which means less heat is required to be generated by room heaters. This can have a substantial bearing on the utility bills where significant savings can be enjoyed. 


    Typically most double glazed windows offer 6 times more heat retention capacity compared to single glazed windows.  A window in office premises should have the good thermal efficiency to keep the electricity bills low. Hence, double glazing has some pronounced benefits over single glazed glass windows. The level of security, efficiency and protection that they offer is unparalleled. Choosing to employ the services of a reputed glazier with extensive experience in the industry will ensure that all window components are installed in a timely and efficient manner.