Division 2 Boosting was me that has fooled by dv1

  • One of Division 2 Boosting was me that has fooled by dv1. And you can see how many millions are playing right now. . I was fall in love with the dv1 at the begening, and then they have decided to make an upgrade, which will be allowing npcs along with my cyan darkzone gear . For example with a cyan sniper (I really don't remember the name and version ) after 7 head shots into some easy npc, it arrived and made one shot into my cyan armors, I was not at the dark zone and it wasn't a boss. . :D I have straight deleted the game. When they have annouced that the agaiin I hoped a competitive game then today we're watching this. . .again dv 1.2. . :D:D Congrats.

    Comparing dream The Division 2 Boosting with swords and magic into The Division and thinks that is a solid debate... There is a reason that this game is based off actual world places. . I really liked mode but dark-zone was farm-fest that was repetitive and dull. Added another element, and When there was more to the narrative than the same old enemies every single time it could have been interesting. Maybe enjoy an story based on your level - meaning, an area ages/changes with the narrative along with you. Maybe the virus evolves into something which affects the enemies, and also the civilians becomes enemies too . I'd hate to state zombies, but hell that could have been enemies that are interesting than the match. .

    Odrigo Campos I concur whole heartedly guy but honestly the division is the division why does it have to be anything more or less then I wish the gaming community would care more about genres and just take pleasure in the product I'm a gamer I perform all types I don't care what this game requires itself if its fun rewarding and I could appreciate it with friends or solo I'm in And having a good strong group of friends or a decent community to talk to regarding said product then you can find enjoyment in just about anything just have to be eager to watch it for what it is a product built from imagination imagination and a great deal of dedication. Idk maybe this match ai not for everybody but when it's not for you then fuck it quit watching vids on it shelf it and wait for whatever game you enjoy perhaps I'll see you their cuz he will chances are im gonna play with that shit to.