Then Division 2 Boosting got tanks like me eliminated

  • Then Division 2 Boosting got tanks like me eliminated from the branch 1 ruining the game by eliminating a class...I couldn't play anymore since I was max degree but after that fucking update before the pvp catch modes where they nerfed health and dmg reduction maxes....they didn't compensate me by moving the stats into dmg or support. . .it cut on the stat down. . .Like seriously? My Max level armor today is worse than lvl 15 armor? Fucking bs...I had 150,000 dmg. . .the same in support and 500,000 health after the update.Before it although I'd that dmg and support but nearly 3x that in health and a dmg reduction of 75%. Following the patch tho dmg mitigation maxed at 30 and I some how was stuck at 25... Thus idk how the fuck I finished up 5 points less than max when I was maxed on mitigation.

    The Division 2 Boosting took me one playing every goddamn day to find those stats.... I would utilize smgs and snipers utilize armor that raised crit opportunity and crit dmg therefore I was not only and to have crits. . .Thing is it wasn't unbalanced... My friend was a glass cannon and we'd go back and forth with battling... When they nerfed me not glass cannons they all did was fuck me and made him able to one shot anyone. Since we both played since day one each damn day.And even he discovered it no longer fun since hed wreck ppl too much... He had about precisely the exact same health as everybody else but churns out dmg and penetration with high crit chance and higher crit dmg.... He smacks u in the forehead even with a shitty pistol ur expiring...The branch 1 had shooting. The Division 2 shooting isn't too satisfying. Where the speed of fire trails off rather than staying steady they added this new mechanic. There's also a lot of lag between the gun sounds and the controller's rumble if you play console. A great deal of times the gun audio doesn't begin as it should. The audio mix can be terrible in this match. They mixed it down to simulate surround sound but it does not sound good. They will need to put in a stereo mode. The audio sounds like if you were enjoying the game or in a massive ballroom hall with lots of echo.