Five Ways Your Smartphone Can Help Your Health

  • Smartphones has been a very helpful introduction in the recent times and its growing to be even more contributing to the human life. Now smartphones surely help you in many ways but to your surprise these magnificent devices can be your support to gain better overall health. People are increasing understanding how smartphone can help you maintain health and using it to the fullest. So, here are five ways your smartphone can help your health.

    Medical ID:

    Now if you are an iPhone user you might be aware that the phone enables you to create a Medical ID Bracelet virtually. This feature will alert health support provider about any health problems or allergies you develop. It allows you to list numbers to be contacted in case of emergency. There is a ’heart’ icon that you will see on the screen, press that and follow instructions to configure the feature. Ensure to enable the “Show When Locked” feature so that in case of emergency people around or medical advisor should be able to access contact information on the phone. This is among the five ways your smartphone can help your health in case of emergency.

    Fitness tracking:

    You might have seen people wearing a slim black watch which doesn’t look like one but appears to be a device right from the Matrix movie. Those are fitness bands. These are bands that go together with your smartphone. Your smartphone is installed with an app which connects with the fitness band. This band helps you track your heart rate, number of steps taken, how many steps climbed, how many calories burned, etc. This band come extremely handy when you want to track your progress.


    Now it might sound weird how a smartphone can help you eat better, but it is true. There is an app for everything; you say it you have it. Same goes when it comes to health. There are apps that can help you achieve your health goals. These apps ask you about your BMI information and based on the BMI they suggest you the best diet plan. Through these apps, you can calculate your caloric intake. It logs details of your daily caloric consumption. Moreover, apps can also calculate and tell the amount of carbs, fats, and proteins. Amazingly, there are some apps that can tell the nutrition information based on the picture of food on your plate. This is one of the best five ways your smartphone can help your health regime.

    Meditation practice:

    Now health is not only about body, but you might know that stress is on of the core reasons for numerous health conditions. There are other conditions such as depressions, anxiety, etc., that can be handled through meditation. Meditations has numerous health benefits, but where does smartphones come into picture? If you have a smartphone you can download apps specially designed for different levels of meditation. You can listen to soothing sounds of chimes, nature, meditation guide and chants, alleviate your focus, excel in meditation, and ensure good health. This is one of the five ways your smartphone can help your health.


    No doubt good body needs good exercise. You can install any of the numerous apps that help you exercise on daily basis. This might also be based on what muscle you need to focus on. You can work on chest, biceps, abs, legs and more using such apps.