How many millions is spending to bring this back

  • OMG, I had exactly the exact same conversation with a returning participant the other day. We talked about how raid was used by individuals all night and day, and dungeon finder is dragging its butt at 10PM trying to pull groups together. After midnight, forget it! We have jobs and other responsibilities. . .or in 1 case for me straight hours to buy wow classic gold. I have gotten older. My back hurts. My hips hurt. I gotta run and pee every 2 hours. Final week I fell asleep in the Botanica. Yeah, fell. . .asleep at the middle of a dungeon. Getting older sucks.

    Yeah 2,100 people play the Elysium Project. How many millions is spending to bring this back? Let's say just a million bucks to recreate that based on this. . Each of these 2,100 people would need to invest $476 to justify it. Now of course there will be more than that once it goes but just how many men and women? Thousands? Thousands? So they are not likely to be making any money. I think that he was totally correct when he stated"you think you do but you don't". In the general"you" awareness of the average WoW Classic participant.

    I'll be fair... and I understand I've absolutely NO nostalgia for Vanilla WoW Classic. But I have played WoW Classic, and I have liked than the past. I feel those Devs have the ideal idea... the group of people who want Classic WoW Classic likely don't remember half of the drawbacks it had. You can find YouTube videos explaining them, and Boogie does list some. I believe that the curiosity wont. Humans have evolved to always move forward. To innovate. And people going backwards to a previous version of WoW Classic, it will definitely get old for them. I am sure there are a few exceptions.

    From people that left WoW Classic earlier BfA, they would likely go to WoW Classic but those abandoned during BfA might find a bad preference for WoW Classic nostalgia. It honestly feels that Classic WoW Classic and Warcraft 3 Reforged are possible because of Blizzard Activision understanding how awful that the backlash from BFA went to get cheap wow gold classic and so they had something to fall back on if things did not work out. For me personally, Warcraft nostalgia is dead and it would feel tainted for me I brought Classic and Reforged because I'd be supporting the company ruined the World of Warcraft story for me.I just chose to play Vanilla WoW Classic for two weeks before Burning Crusade released. I am eager to get the chance to play 40 man raids and on as they had been intended. Not only run through on a degree 120 and decimate things.