Sit and watch a pond when I want

  • So, I got to thinking about why I wish to play Classic so muchbetter. The slow leveling encounter doesn't bother me since I'm in no hurry to reach level 60. I don't have any need to raid because I did this if it was all new classic gold. It was fun figuring out the struggles out back then, but all those fights are simple in comparison with the fights we have. Since I'm not in a hurry to degree I feel entirely free to wander around zones and research without focusing on getting quests done asap. I am able to sit and watch a pond when I want. To have fun.

    I am able to play Classic just to have fun. That is the answer I was looking for. From the beginning of WoW I've always had goals while enjoying. First it was for to at least Commander at PvP. Subsequently it was to do each of the raids. In Wrath it turned into hard modes and then heroic raids. I did try temporarily when it became an option to perform mythic raiding, but at that point I did not have time in my life to prepare the way I need to for raiding. I've really been happy to perform epic raiding instead. The goals aren't the issue; it is the ratio of time I must play along with how much is spent on working on these goals how much is spent only having fun. I honestly can not remember the last time that I did anything for fun just in BfA.

    As an adult with a job that is part-time a fulltime job, and all types of other duties to my family and friends, my available playtime is significantly more restricted than it used to be. For the most part WoW has transformed through the years to allow for hours of drama and continues to be adapting for this. The feeling like I am constantly behind the curve is what's wearing on me. A lot of the attention is on those who are playing at the greatest levels, and it's easy to believe they are the baseline. To forget most gamers don't have their Hearts maxed out today. Or have a bunch of mythic+ gear in gearing from raids, to out holes.

    Which all brings me to a very simple query, what metrics is raiding being balanced to buy gold wow classic by the Blizzard devs to? Can weekly, they anticipate raiders also to do mythic + runs? Do they think from the time a guild gets into the next half of the raid raiders are going to have their Hearts unlocked? These are the type of things it makes sense to anticipate from raiders that are mythic, however I'm not sure the argument holds with heroic. I know there are guilds who do raiding that is mythic, however, the casual guilds who perform epic are a bit more relaxed than that. Because it'd help us to know what the expectations are transparency in the equilibrium philosophy here would be helpful.