We decided we wanted to do some thing else

  • Can you play WoW pretty frequently? Yeah, I've been enjoying wow classic gold a lot, but I play live sometimes. It just -- I go through cycles. I play therefore that I do a good deal of writing and enjoyable adventuring items like this -style stuff on the live servers. It keeps me busy. A Lot of collecting. I do a lot of stuff and bracket amassing like this if I get bored with raiding and things like that. I did a lot of mythic raiding then I quit.

    We would tar our tabards pink our guild and say, hey, wear your tabards into the runs, we'll provide you a ticket and you can get an award. I think we gave out the mechano-choppers, which have been kind of a commodity that is popular back then. We would do a drawing and we had the post on our forums where we would say, hey, if you visit our members, give us a cheer. We have several guilds to change up.

    It was so popular with our members that we decided we wanted to do some thing else. We thought we'd put together this fun jog. We made a post on -- then, and this was so we made a post on some different places and Livejournal among the musicians for WoW had made. They got a lot of people -- someone from Big Crits, that reality TV show really moved into their own guild, guild and say, hey, look, these folks do this thing, although I do not know if you recall the guild. We have a few of those folks. So a lot of their people arrived, our server had one of the best 100 guilds raiding on there. It really spread fast. Annually, it spread out of there.

    Did you pick Pink Fund as the charity? Honestly, charities within to buy wow gold classic the year've altered, but I think folks ought to know that we think the Pink Fund is really fitting our idea of doing something to help somebody good. Something adds up to something large, helping out people, even just with things like transportation or bills. I think that it actually does help.