It faithful to the OSRS gold background

  • It faithful to the OSRS gold background experience, which I can view as a bad thing and a fantastic thing. Good in that if you're playing in your personal computer at home you could log on mobile and be just where you left off, completely seamlessly, and do whatever you would actually do on your own PC.

    Bad because some things can be clunky, even at the game. Obviously, Jagex is quick to point out that both clients are in beta right now, and they have got things to work through. I will be very curious to see what balance they manage to strike between having this whole seamless experience while using a portable UI that goes beyond just being completely functional and begins edging into being a great way to play with the game for long periods of time- Or perhaps even the way you only play the game.

    It is crystal clear that Jagex is an firm, so I do not have one doubt anywhere in my mind that the cellular RuneScapes will eventually be experiences for all players. And, who knows, perhaps folks will be hardcore about playing Buy Runescape gold that they'll be willing to overlook any UI awkwardness. Inside of a couple hours of playing, I certainly fall inside of that camp. I anxious to see where everybody else lands. The mobile client for RS3 is in beta, and OSRS is currently hitting the App Store and Google Play .

    I personally can't wait for this game to hit iOS, as I am playing it on my Android device tethered to my iPhone... Which really just goes to show how awful my RuneScape obsession has become. I can not think about a time that I've rocked to play a game, ever. My regret is taking this long to enter RunScape, but, as they state - much better late than not. Big Halloween Sale Use Code Halloween For 6% Off